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combat rules

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:59 am

1.)no stacking attacks!
For those who don't know stacking is when you have too many actions in a single response (normally over four.). To completely avoid this we are using a three to four actions per post.

1.) you can't just dodge everything that comes at you. We are using a three dodge system just like attacking you have three dodges to avoid contact on your character.

Auto hitting
1.) if the auto hit is agreed and coordinated with the other player than it well be allowed.
2.) but there can only be one auto hit per battle, this single auto hit cant deal lethal damage and If this is abused then auto hitting well be taken out of the rules and RP.
3.) with the single auto hit you can strike at anytime it doesn't have to be coordinated but its highly recommended if it is.

If any of these rules are abused then you'll have two warnings and if it keeps happening then you'll be kicked and replaced.


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