basic rules

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basic rules

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:57 am

1.) Don't start drama in the chats!
Ever since I've been role playing, I've seen groups of close friends crumble cause of stupid drama. I wish to avoid this scenario as much as possible. If I see or get reported of drama ruining peoples experience you'll be given two warnings if you keep going after the warnings you'll be kicked and replaced.

2.)This is a non sexual role play!
In order to make everyone is able to enjoy them selves freely there are not going to be any kind of sexual content. This includes any kind of pornography, no sex between two characters in the public role play. If two characters hit it off they may continue whatever on PM. However if there is enough demand ill make another section for characters to have "fun" with each other. If your caught in the occ showing any pornography you'll immediately kicked, however if in the role play if you have text sexual elements you'll get two warnings, if you keep going you'll be kicked and replaced.

3.) No obscenity!
We require everyone to have common sensitivity. This includes: No racist, bigoted or excessively vulgar language. This is to be everywhere from the chats to the role play. You get two warnings if you keep going then you'll be kicked and replaced.

4.)post at least once a week!
Since everyone has a life its understandable that there be times that some one can't respond right away. That's alright you have a week to respond, but if you don't respond within the week then your character well be made Mia and not fully out of the role play. If you still don't respond within two weeks then you'll be replaced.

5.) No spamming messages.
As mentioned before we all cant drop everything in order to reply to a post. Be patient and don't send out over four messages you'll be warned. This has three warning before you'll be kicked and replaced.

6.)no one liners!
For each role play respond have at least a paragraph for each respond.


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